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Eareth Day tip of the hour Reduce at-home water use. This can be as simple as turning off the tap when brushing your teeth. Taking a shower as opposed to bathing and decreasing your shower time.
Earth Day tip of the hour: Control the thermostat at home. Use a “smart home” app on your phone or device that helps you control heating and cooling while away and while home. Maintain comfortable heating and cooling temperatures while using less energy to help out on usage and environmental impact.
Earth Day tip of the hour: Bring your own bags to grocery shop. These plastic grocery bags are clogging our earth and harming wildlife.
Earth Day tip of the hour: Responsible diaper purchasing. Look for eco-friendly diapers free of chemicals and easy on the environment. If possible, use a cloth diaper delivery service!
Earth Day tip of the hour: Recycle. Keep as much out of the landfill as you can by recycling items such as glass, cardboard, metal, and plastic. Imagine, if everyone from individuals to businesses intentionally recycled, the positive impact this would have on our entire planet!
Earth Day tip of the hour: Use energy efficient light bulbs. Replace old bulbs with LED bulbs. These last a long time while using less energy.
Earth Day tip of the hour: Take the pesticide pledge. If using pesticides in the home and outdoors educate yourself on potential issues these toxic chemicals carry not only for our land but ultimately us as these make their way into rivers, lakes, streams and pollute our food and drinking water.
Earth Day tip of the hour: Learn how to reduce your ecological footprint. Electric cars, bikes, and walking are all good ways to create impact.
Earth Day tip of the hour: Plant a tree! Not only is this good for the environment and air but trees bring shade and beauty.
Earth Day tip of the hour: Reduce the use of plastics. Think disposable water bottles and sadly just about everything purchased for food consumption from grocery to restaurant take-out.
Congratulations! Tech. Sgt. Edgar Sarrano and his family named the 2018 General H. Schwarzkopf Military family of the Year! Tampa Bay Buccaneers USO USO Central Florida
Heads up! Please plan accordingly! Tanker Way Gate will also experience delays but will stay open it’s normal hours.
Have you heard of Air Force Connect? It's the latest and greatest - and will soon replace the existing 927ARW app. Download it today!
Looking to become an AGR?
REST IN PEACE: The last of the 80 Doolittle Tokyo Raiders who carried out the daring U.S. attack on Japan during World War II, died Tuesday at a military hospital in Texas. He was 103.
What an honor for #927ARW #ReserveCitizenAirman MSgt. Ken Hair to be coined by CMSgt. Octavio Ortiz on behalf of CMSgt Erika Kelly at the March #YellowRibbon event in Orlando, Florida. We also want to wish MSgt Hair a happy birthday today!!!
Family Day Fun!
Col. Amy Boehle was honored today by our wing commander, Col. Doug Stouffer, as she was presented the #BronzeStar.
Lt. Col. Carolyn Dale assumed Command of the #45thAES today!!
That’s a slice of pie nobody wants. #ThanksgivingEve is one of the deadliest drinking days of the year.#DriveSober
In the past 5 years, more than 800 people died in alcohol-related crashes during the Thanksgiving holiday.…
Drunk drivers were involved in 1 out of 3 fatalities during the Thanksgiving holiday. #ThanksgivingEve #Drive Sober
Feast your eyes on this stat because #ThanksgivingEve is one of the deadliest drinking days of the year. #DriveSober
#ThanksgivingEve is one of the deadliest days of the year. #DriveSober and make it to the table. Not the stat sheet.
RT @FOX13News: Despite age, tanker aircraft ‘invaluable' to America's military mission, @MacDill_AFB commander says:…
RT @CityofTampa: This week, Tampa celebrates its 130th birthday! We have evolved into a diverse, first-rate city & are proud of our roots!…
927 LRS in the house... Airmen from the 927 LRS will spend the next two weeks working with the 52nd FW/LRS
#Motivationmonday. Here's a great shot of your Air Force Thunderbirds to get your week going...
It's #Tankertuesday A shoutout to the 927 Maintenance Group that keep these 60-year-old birds in the air..
927ASTS provide no-cost medical care to Arkansas community Patients - 3990 procedures - 8961 value: $700,000…
AF announces Fairchild AFB as preferred location for additional KC-135s
Want to know what goes on behind the gates of MacDill AFB? Ask a members of the 2017 Leadership Tampa Bay class.
#ThrowbackThursday May 2010 - Haiti earthquake- 45th AES provided humanitarian medical care and evacuation.
Stay up-to-date with the 927 by liking our FB page. 927th Air Refueling Wing
Reservists don't forget civilian clothes or your family!! 927 Family Day... MacDill Beach - 1100am-3:00pm
927ARW Family Day Trivia - Which @TBBuccaneers player is slated to attend the 927ARW Family Day? Hint-83

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