Suicide prevention is the responsibility of everyone

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  • By 349th Air Mobility Wing

The Air Force is committed to the ultimate goal of never losing another Airman to suicide. Suicide is about more than numbers; it’s about the individuals and those who love and care for them. Every suicide attempt and death affects countless others who are impacted by the long-lasting consequences of suicidal behaviors.

We can all make a difference by helping Airmen understand they are not alone and positive support is available. One act of kindness or concern makes a difference and could save a life.

Remember: Ask, care and escort…YOU may just be saving a life!!!

Helping Agencies and Resources
Helping agencies and resources are individuals, groups, organizations and institutions that specialize in offering immediate and/or longterm assistance to people in need or distress. Some common helping agencies and resources are:
Base-specific Helping Agencies and Resources
• Emergency Room
• Family and Close Friends
• First Sergeants and Commanders
• Supervisors and Co-workers
• Wingman Advocates
• Chaplains, for fully confidential support
• Airman and Family Readiness Center
• Family Advocacy Program
• Mental Health Clinic
• Health and Wellness Centers
• Substance abuse clinic or Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and
Treatment (ADAPT) Program
• Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Additional Helping Agencies and Resources
• Suicide Prevention Hotlines at
1 (800) 273-TALK (8255)
24 hours a day | 7 days a week
• Suicide Prevention Online Chat 
• Spiritual Advisor
• Counseling Services
• Couples Groups
• Parenting Groups
• Support Groups
• Infant and Toddler Play Groups
• Financial Counseling
• Employment Assistance

If you need help, please get help. If you know someone who you think needs help, please help them get help. 

(340th Flying Training Group provided lead-in message and graphic)