Commander’s Intent for 927 ARW Airmen

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A message from the Commander to the Airmen of the 927th Air Refueling Wing.

We are in unprecedented times with rapidly changing information as we work to combat the spread of COVID-19.  I am working closely with our Wing leaders and those of our associated partners at the 6th Air Refueling Wing to make smart decisions about the way forward as we work to protect you and your families while also preserving our readiness and ability to provide combat-ready Airmen for our nation’s defense. Below are some answers to questions you may have about the UTA, commuting to MacDill AFB, self-quarantining and reduced manning.


In an effort to minimize risk to our 927th Citizen Airmen and their families, the April UTA is postponed.  Airmen are directed to reschedule the UTA to a later date that works for your chain of command and your family. We do not expect any Airmen to report for duty at MacDill AFB 4-5 April.


An exception to this are members who have planned to work and would prefer to participate in the UTA as planned and are able to telecommute.  Telecommuting (in military status) must be approved by your commander and your unit must have a telecommute agreement on file signed by you, your supervisor and your squadron commander.   


The DOD announced a stop movement for all military members. What this means for our Reserve Airmen is that anyone outside the previously established commuting distance should not report to MacDill AFB for military duty of any kind to include RMP, RPA, UTA, etc.   The commuting distance for 927th Airmen is established in the memo titled “MacDill AFB Reserve Travel Radius” signed by Col Stouffer and Col Snelson. Airmen who reside outside the commuting distance as listed in the travel radius memo should contact their supervisor to reschedule their planned duty.



A portion of our Citizen Airmen work for the airlines and in the hospital industry which drives concerns about the requirement for self-quarantining as it relates to Reserve Airmen. First and foremost reserve members not in a full-time status should follow CDC guidance about self-quarantining and self-report their quarantine status to their military supervisor. A reservist who is not in status but is either in or traveling from an area outside the US (including Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Alaska) is required to self-quarantine for 14 days before being permitted to perform duty in any status at MacDill AFB. Questions about self-quarantining should be directed to military supervisors.



Effective today, the 6th Air Refueling wing has authorized military supervisors to reduce manning to levels required to maintain minimum base operating functions. As associate partners with the 6th, our operational missions are closely tied and we are also invoking minimum manning protocols to allow Air Force civilian/ART supervisors the flexibility to determine manning requirements for their shops.  Therefore, also effective today, pending their supervisor’s plan, AF civilians/ARTs may be asked to work, telework or be released home on administrative leave.  If teleworking, AF civilians/ARTs must have a telework agreement on file with Ms. Susie Blocker and have completed required telework training. Citizen Airmen home on administrative leave must remain at home during duty hours, must be able to be contacted, and are subject to a 2-hr recall. AF Civilian/ART Members with a telework agreement will telework and will not be placed in administrative leave. Military Commanders will determine telecommute requirements for AGR and local reservists on long-term orders.

The health of our Citizen Airmen continues to be our top priority and we are taking the threat of

COVID-19 very seriously.  There is a lot of information out there and we realize not all the information fully addresses the concerns of Citizen Airmen. Please know the leadership here at the 927th is here for our Airmen and will do our best to help get you the information required to keep you and your family healthy while also balancing the requirements for our unit and your civilian employment.

If you have any questions about the guidance in this announcement, please reach out to your supervisory chain or email

For up-to-the minute information from us, MacDill, the City of Tampa, the CDC and others, please tap the COVID-19 tile on front of the 927 ARW Air Force Connect app and visit the 927th Air Refueling Wing on Facebook.