HQ RIO creates Rapid Response Cell to serve mobilized Individual Reservists

  • Published
  • By HQ RIO Public Affairs

In an effort to best serve the now 12 individual reservists who have been mobilized for COVID-19 support, HQ RIO created the HQ RIO COVID-19 Rapid Response Cell.  The team of dedicated HQ RIO staff members established a dedicated email org box, phone number, and website for mobilized members to use if and when they have questions or need guidance on any finance or personnel matters.

The cell is run by Major Sergio Apedaile, an acquisitions officer who has been on orders with HQ RIO since early 2020.  The commander of HQ RIO, Col Amy Boehle, authorized the creation of the cell on April 9 after the initial group of IRs were mobilized. 

“HQ RIO is honored to serve more than 7,500 IMAs and PIRRs.  While programs and systems are in place to assure IRs have what they need, it is important to me to make it as easy as possible for our Airmen who were mobilized.  These amazing men and women responded to a lengthy mobilization with little-to-no advanced notice and are serving our county in a truly remarkable capacity right now,” said Boehle.  “The Rapid Response Cell gives our mobilized IRs immediate access to the help they need and someone to reach out to 24/7.”

The HQ RIO COVID-19 RRC takes into account the possible hardships mobilized IRs may face.  Most were mobilized and traveling to their area of assignment within 48 hours. 

“We are trying to anticipate what their needs are and what their hardships might be,” said Apedaile.  “Many are working long hours.  They’re either at locations with limited access to .mil or CAC-enabled systems, or their work is active and they spend very little of their duty day at a desk or computer.  They can’t be spending their valuable time submitting tickets in myPers for routine issues or researching guidance for a situation they’ve never encountered before.”

The RRC is proactively making guidance and forms available for the IRs to access when needed, as well as serving as a dedicated help desk to assist in processing paperwork for finance and personnel matters.

“These IRs were mobilized because they have specific skills and abilities Americans need right now to fight COVID-19,” said Boehle.  “While we can’t be there with them, we can provide the best support they’ve ever had.  I’m honored to be a part of their team, and I want them to know that HQ RIO is here for them.”