She’s a Leader, Parent, and Athlete-One Officer shapes the future of the Air Force Reserve

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Della Creech
  • Headquarters Air Reserve Personnel Center

Whether elevating herself across the peaks of the Colorado mountains, overcoming the challenges of raising a family, or shaping the future of the Air Force Reserve, this personnel officer sets the bar for resiliency, leadership, and what an Airman can achieve.

With a youthful smile and a passion for progress, Lt. Col. Kristi Delcour, chief of Promotion Board Operations at Headquarters Air Reserve Personnel Center, embraces the challenges of maintaining a healthy lifestyle through athleticism, parenthood and perseverance.

When COVID-19 regulations brought challenges to the way that future Air Force Reserve officers are selected, Maj. Ruben Hernandez, chief of the Promotion Eligibility Division at HQ ARPC, and Delcour pioneered the first-ever virtual promotion boards the Selection Board Secretariat has ever held. Delcour accepted the challenge, calling on her personal and professional experience to meet the requirements of facilitating the promotion board.

Leading the charge, “she planned, organized and executed the virtual Reserve Brigadier General Qualification Board. Her planning and testing every step of the process made sure the board was conducted in accordance with established policy and enabled flawless execution. Based on input from the General Officer board members, it was a resounding success,” said Mr. Stephen Willoughby deputy director of the promotion board secretariat.

Before Delcour became the leader she is today, she began her journey as a gymnast at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colo. It’s the discipline and commitment she developed as an athlete that shines through in her service to the mission and others.

“Delcour is passionate and thoughtful in the sense that she will fight for what is right, and especially what is right for her section, our customers, our directorate, and the Air Force Reserve. She constantly ensures the wellbeing of all of our directorate and the Airmen we serve,” said Hernandez.

This same commitment is also found in her drive towards self-improvement, but she knows she cannot do it alone.

“Surround yourself with positive people who will help you become a better version of yourself,” said Delcour. “Be that coworkers, peers, friends, coaches-find people who will inspire you, push you to and past what you think you are capable of, who believe in you and can lift you up when you need it. These people will help you achieve your goals, motivate you to be your best, and instill self-confidence.”

Through a divorce and parenting her two daughters during a complicated time, it was this sense of community that brought Delcour’s resilience to the surface. As she navigated her personal struggles, she started doubting her personal and professional abilities, which affected her confidence.

“Every now and then, we all go through rough patches and need that extra love, support, or a kick in the rear,” said Delcour.

She attributes her strength to her CrossFit coach, Kris McCuiston, gym-mates, and friends who were there to push, motivate, inspire, and overall help lift her up. This set the bar for her mental and physical strength.

Delcour said, “my team not only saved me, but kept me mentally and physically on a positive path which contributed to my continued successes. I am lucky that I have some awesome people in my life who do this for me, but that is not by accident.”

She believed that how you rise to a challenge and problem solve in your personal life will directly reflect in your work ethic as well by taking initiative in positive surroundings and seeking the right influences.

“I try to only surround myself with people who are similar to me: positive, energetic, motivated, driven, caring and compassionate,” said Delcour.

A year following her low point, Delcour brings a resilient spirit to the fight as she shapes the future of the Air Force Reserve.

“I attribute my successes to my team,” said Delcour. “Absolutely couldn’t have gotten this far, been recognized for, or won specific achievements, without my team.”