Discipline Leads to Championship Trophy

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Alexis Suarez
  • 927th Air Refueling Wing

With a new trophy to add to her collection, Tech Sgt. Meya Rayner, 927th Commander Support Staff Wing Administration Flight Chief, expresses how discipline and motivation were vital parts to get through training.

“Training was intense,” said Rayner, as she recalls preparing for the 2021 National Physique Committee competition held in Sarasota, FL. “Competing definitely challenges you mentally, physically and emotionally.”

As a Reserve Citizen Airmen, Rayner needed to have the discipline necessary to manage her time well. She had to balance her diet which included meal preparation, scheduled eating times, a workout schedule – which was over four hours of gym time a day, and spending time with family and friends, all while working a full time job.

“Working in the front office alone you have to be sharp, focused and most certainly know how to manage your time well,” said Rayner. “It definitely was my greatest strength throughout my preparation for the competition.”

With success comes obstacles and with 16 ½ weeks of intense training Rayner had to drastically change her day-to-day routine on top of diet and exercise.

“Being around co-workers who were able to eat the foods I couldn’t and have more freedom with their time became difficult,” said Rayner. “But I knew I had one goal in mind and that was my main focus.”

Rayner said her discipline growing up was one of the many reasons she decided to enlist. Her love for fitness is what lead her to competitive bodybuilding. The two together will take her even further in her next competition.

“With that being said, training might become a bit more intense,” said Rayner. “I may be the hardest worker in my gym but now I am competing against another gym’s hardest worker.”

Looking forward, Rayner said after a taking a week to rest she will continue training in preparation for nationals in December where she will compete against 25 other female competitors to earn her Pro card. No matter what, she will continue to prove to herself and others that with the right mindset, putting your best efforts forward and training your mind and body to be disciplined, that anything is possible.