Let’s Go: Air Mobility Commander lays out mobility warrior creed

  • Published
  • By Maj. Hope Cronin, Air Mobility Command Public Affairs
  • Air Mobility Command

ORLANDO, Fla. -- A new mobility mantra began to echo between Airmen attending the Airlift/Tanker Association conference hosted in Orlando, Florida, Oct. 28-30 following AMC Commander Gen. Mike Minihan’s remarks during the first evening: “Let’s Go.”

“It’s a contract between us,” said Minihan. “It’s the mobility contract.”

Minihan outlined three layers of meaning behind the phrase, which he characterized as a warrior’s creed, during his virtual keynote speech with Airmen at the event.

“The first level of understanding is that you need to know that when I say “Let’s Go” to you, it means I appreciate the oath you took, I appreciate the uniform you wear, and I appreciate the fact that it takes all of us to get this done – and I’m expecting that it’s coming back that way to me,” said Minihan.

Minihan’s second layer of meaning identified “Let’s Go” as a contract between one another. It asserts an Airman is trained, ready and understands his or her role in the mission – and vice versa.

Minihan’s third and final layer of meaning to “Let’s Go” tied directly to the pacing challenge presented by China.

“They’re designing a force to defeat you – a boutique force to establish a new rules-based order that is led by them, that serves only them,” said Minihan.

Minihan spent nearly a decade supporting the Indo-Pacific Command mission prior to assuming command of AMC. The experience informed his focus and the impetus behind the warrior creed.

“The third level of understanding of ‘Let’s Go’ is that we all understand what the pacing challenge is – that we understand that the peace, prosperity and prestige of America is at stake here,” said Minihan. “We also understand that we are going to use winning language . . . and we are going to adopt a lexicon that gets after the win part.”

Minihan cited the creed as a professional contract that all mobility Airmen should understand moving forward.

“This is incredibly important work,” Minihan said. “‘Accelerate change and win’ isn’t just something we talk to, it’s something we have to walk to and deliver on. The peace, prosperity and prestige of America is counting on us to do our jobs. Let’s go!”