HQ RIO Change of Command

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  • By ARPC Public Affairs
  • Air Reserve Personnel Center

Headquarters Individual Reservist Readiness Integration Center (HQ RIO) welcomed its new commander during a Change of Command ceremony on Buckley Space Force Base, Colo., Nov. 8, 2021. Col. Edward Segura succeeded Col. Amy Boehl, officiated by Brig. Gen. Jennie Johnson, Headquarters Air Reserve Personnel Center commander.

Johnson began the ceremony by acknowledging her respect for Boehl's leadership during her time as commander of HQ RIO.

“I’m proud of everything RIO has done under Col. Boehl’s leadership,” said Johnson. “But I am most proud to say I’ve served with Col. Amy Boehl because she serves for the right reason, to serve other Airmen.”

In her final address as commander, Boehl thanked the reservists she has served over the last two years.

“As I travel around the globe, I’ve met thousands of individual reservists with amazing stories and experiences,” said Boehl. “If something is going on in the world, our reservists are there,”

“Thank you, you serve not because you have to, but because you want to,” said Boehl.

Addressing HQ RIO for the first time as commander, Segura spoke to all Airmen and civilians present, both physically and virtually.

“I’m excited to be here. This mission, to provide, integrate and sustain individual reservists. It's a hard job,” said Segura. “But I know we have the team to do it, and I am looking forward to the opportunities ahead of us.”

HQ RIO is responsible for managing the readiness of the IR force and standardizing the processes associated with getting our IRs to the fight. Seven detachments and six operating locations at geographically-separated bases around the world assist the headquarters in this mission, providing direct oversight and support to more than 8,000 IR Airmen