MacDill takes on Virtual Reality training

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Alexis Suarez

With technology on the rise, Virtual Reality (VR) replaces PowerPoint and computer trainings as a more immersive and interactive way to train Airmen.

The 927th Air Refueling Wing, participated in the use of VR Sexual Assault Prevention and Response and Suicide Prevention training.

“The VR was much more engaging and interactive compared to previous SAPR trainings,” said Master Sgt. Nicholas Webb, Command Support Staff administrator. “The geared responses help guide service members on how to build trust and connection to the victim and what drives empathy so whoever they are speaking with feels supported.”

The realism capabilities of the VR training allow users to interact as if speaking to a real-life person in scenarios with responses they can choose from to navigate the way the conversation goes. This way of training gives users a new way of sharpening their skills in sexual assault prevention and suicide prevention.

“We partnered with the 6th ARW Integrated Resilience Team, to use VR goggles as a more realistic and immersive training tool to prepare our airmen to deal with friends, family, strangers, and wingmen who are in emotional distress and having thoughts of suicide,” said Master Sgt. Terra Stinnett, Resilience Integrator and 927 ARW First Sergeant.

Along with talking within the VR scenario, members are also reminded of the many resources available to them as service members, whether that be to use for themselves or to share to other service members who may need assistance.

“We are proud to be at the forefront of such groundbreaking initiatives that aim to build a strong and resilient force capable of addressing any challenges that come our way,” said Stinnett. “As we continue to invest in innovation, we remain committed to providing our airmen with the best possible training and support to ensure their success and well-being.”

As technology continues to evolve and grow the Air Force also takes the measures to be up to date on latest technological advances to ensure our airmen get the most efficient trainings.