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  • Fostering a Culture of Excellence and a Winning Mindset

    Many of us have been given a project or duty that is inherently an uphill battle. We look at the situation and it is almost impossible to not be discouraged by the daunting tasks that lay ahead. It is in this moment we all have two choices in front of us; we can embrace this challenge with our

  • Historical look back at Afghanistan

    Like so many of you, I woke up this week (August 15-18) reading the news, a horror and sadness settling into my stomach. Kabul has fallen to Taliban forces. Afghans fleeing for their lives, a resurge of terror and violence. Afghan interpreters to U.S. and Coalition forces, immediately targeted by

  • Your life is precious

    Suicide is a tragic event, and I can’t imagine all the different stories that lead up to someone taking their life. Know this: Your life makes an imprint upon others in ways beyond what you can imagine. As a pastor and a chaplain, I urge every reader of this commentary to consider that their very