927th Security Forces Squadron Completes Field Training Exercise

  • Published
  • By by Senior Airman Xavier Lockley

Airmen from the 927th Security Forces Squadron, MacDill Air Force Base, FL., accomplished field training and heavy weapons qualification at Avon Park Air Force Range, FL., July 7-10.

Upon arrival at the range, the 65 defenders were given classroom instruction on base defense, tactical movements and accomplishing weapons qualification.  

“During the four day training exercise, we learned how our movements should be executed when facing attack,” says Staff Sgt. Reginald Randall 927 SFS fire team member. “We also learned about how our communication must be in-tune with each other so that if we are tasked with going to a deployed location, we won’t panic in a combat environment.”

During the field exercise portion of the training, Airmen were sent off in teams against other members of the 927 SFS posing as the opposing force.

“This training emphasizes three aspects; shoot, movement and communication for each fire team,” said Tech Sgt. Pablo Enriquez 927 SFS fire team leader. “This series teaches airmen how to move towards an objective when engaged in combat with the enemy. It also teaches them how to retrograde back and regroup, then push again towards the opposition."

During the scenarios, OPFOR members were given the opportunity to freelance in the field and pose as different threats to see how the fire team would react.

“As OPFOR, we don’t stage anything for our fire team guys, we try to put them in different situations to ensure they’re utilizing all the skills we have learned in the classroom and from previous training,” said Randall.

The training opportunity pushed participants to fully understand the conditions that must be endured in order for ground forces to execute effectively. It also equips each member with the skillset to dissect and solve complex problems quickly in order to communicate a response in a very short time frame.

“Our priority is to provide our Airmen with the knowledge and skills that are necessary for when and if they get deployed,” said Enriquez. “We want them to understand that they must utilize their team members and skills gained on station, for when they’re faced with ground combat.”

The final part of training was the heavy weapons qualification. The purpose of this training, was to ensure all fire team members were accurate in their abilities to shoot heavy weapons.   

“We don’t get the opportunity to train like this with heavy weapons very often so now that we have been given the opportunity it allows us to teach the Airmen from a strategic and tactical standpoint,” said Chief Master Sgt. James Zuehlke 927 SFS Superintendent. “For us to be able to put on this kind of tactical-level training is paramount for us to continue to get our Airmen further proficient in their skills.”

“The primary goal of this is to ‘build, teach, lead,’” Zuehlke continued. “They will need to rely on these skills later on and we believe this training is a building block into doing that.”

Prior to leaving Avon Park each team member was qualified to shoot on the M249 light machine gun, M203 grenade launcher, and the M240 machine gun.