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6th Air Mobility Wing
  • Famous B-17 replica, Memphis Belle, comes back home to MacDill

    The flight line at MacDill Air Force Base, Florida, was much different than what it was during World War II, when aircraft flew constantly overseas to contest Nazi Germany. Some of those planes never returned to the U.S., but at approximately 10:30 a.m. March 13, 2018, MacDill welcomed back home, the famous Memphis Belle B-17.
  • MacDill uses texts to notify “FamCampers”

    Remotely located near the beach and recreation center at MacDill Air Force Base, Florida, lies the family campground, more commonly known as FamCamp, a popular visitation program that operates year-round allowing people to rent one of 366 full-service sites complete with electricity, water, waste disposal, cable TV and optional telephone service.
  • Emergency Management ensures Air Force maintains optimum readiness

    When planning for an emergency, coordination is important. These types of situations take many forms. Be it a hurricane or weapons system discovered nearby, each situation requires everyone affected to be equally prepared. The Air Force, as well as the Department of Defense, never hesitates at the importance of emergency management. As a result, there is a career field solely dedicated to minimizing any damage caused during an emergency.
  • MacDill legal provides helping hand while maintaining order

    An elderly couple walks into the door hand in hand; the man sporting a veteran’s cap gently worn from use. His years of service and her years of undivided support represented in their wrinkles. They are distressed; seeking a will and unsure what to do.
  • Age is nothing but a number: Award-winning bodybuilder sculpts her way to better fitness

    She’s in the gym regularly, always pushing herself harder. Beads of sweat drip from her forehead as she looks at herself in the mirror, assessing her progress.