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  • Combat training, force integration

    A public affairs specialist being trained in combat skills is not exactly what was expected when volunteering for a 120-day deployment to serve halfway around the world alongside U.S. Army Soldiers .Settling in with over 100 other Air Force students, yes Air Force, at Fort Dix, New Jersey, the class

  • Honored Airmen

    The numbers were many, competition was tough and the cream rose to the surface. The exhaustive process of interviewing ten Outstanding Airmen of the Year and two First Sergeant of the Year nominees was a responsibility taken seriously by each decision maker before selecting winners. Nominees had to

  • Angels of Mercy

    Imagine a convoy of noisy, dust-laden Humvees moving methodically in 100-degree temperature on a routine reconnaissance mission in a remote Southwest Asia town. Suddenly, and without a hint of warning, a near ear-bursting explosion propels one vehicle onto its side severely injuring four servicemen,

  • Gone but not to be forgotten

    Anything, anywhere, anytime. These three simple words simply describe the mission of the 29th Aerial Port Flight; a unit that has given its final salute. The official deactivation statement ending the mission was read by Col. James A. Gray, 927th Mission Support Group deputy commander, during an

  • Unrivaled Maintainers

        The KC-135 Stratotanker has achieved a milestone few aircraft can claim-50 years service for the U.S. Air Force.     The 50th anniversary commemorating KC-135 refueling service was celebrated September 9 at Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center, co-hosted by Tinker Heritage Foundation and the Air

  • Vice President visits Selfridge

    Vice President Dick Cheney attended a rally here July 10 thanking "Citizen-Airmen" for their dedication and encouraging them to continue the fight against terrorism. Military people from all branches of the armed services at Selfridge, along with a throng of family members, military retirees and

  • A wing and a prayer

    With spirited curiosity and a degree of uncertainty in their minds, a group of 42 members of the clergy were anxious for a day of excitement away from the rigors of their ministry.Arriving at Selfridge Air National Guard Base on June 16, shortly after the bright morning sun peeked over the horizon,

  • Community leaders awed

    Anticipation and excitement filled their inner bodies as they anxiously waited for its arrival. A wide-eyed, unsuspecting look spread rapidly over their faces as they cautiously entered the boom pod of the 927th ARW KC-135. Much to their amazement, the pitch black, Star Wars-like B-2 Spirit bomber