Officer OPR policy update due to COVID-19 response

  • Published
  • By HQ ARPC Public Affairs

A new policy affecting a specific segment of Total Force officers impacted by the Department of Defense stop movement order, has extended the time under supervision required to initiate an Officer Performance Report from 120 days to 180.

This temporary policy change applies only to officers who received an OPR prior to a projected permanent change of station which coincided with the stop movement order.

As the COVID-19 response continues to evolve, a growing number of officers have had pending PCSs delayed. In accordance with current policy, many of these officers received an OPR ahead of their projected PCS. By the time official travel and PCS movement is again authorized, 120 days or more of supervision under a single rater may accrue, and under normal circumstances, these officers would require an additional OPR to be completed.

Under the new policy if an officer was expected to PCS and an OPR was accomplished as a result, the requirement for accomplishing a subsequent OPR will be when the officer reaches 180 days of supervision under a single rater.

This temporary change precludes additional short rating periods where there may be limited performance to document due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Although Change of Reporting Official OPRs for the officers impacted by Stop Movement is extended to 180 days, commanders maintain the option to complete the OPR when at least 120 days of supervision is met. Another alternative for periods of supervision less than 180 days is to document the officer’s performance by accomplishing a Letter of Evaluation (LOE) and forwarding it to the gaining commander.

This temporary change will continue to be reviewed for further modifications or termination as the response to COVID-19 evolves.

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