Command post: Providing vital information around the world

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Mariette Adams
  • 6th Air Mobility Wing Public Affairs

Information is critical in making decisions on a daily basis; without trusted information leaders may not be able to make properly informed decisions and Airmen’s lives could be at risk. To prevent this, the Air Force relies on the Command Post.

The responsibility of command post Airmen, called emergency actions controllers, is to collect data, inform leaders and monitor crucial situations. They remain alert to keep both the base and country safe.

The Command Post provides critical and accurate information to commanders, other bases, various commands, and the Department of Defense.

“We are the direct link between the commander and the base population,” said Airman 1st Class Nicholas White, an emergency actions controller assigned to the 6th Air Mobility Wing Command Post. “If anything happens on base that the commander needs to be notified about, we are the ones who pass the information to her. If something significant happens that our major command needs to be made aware of we are again that link.”

“The overall mission of our office is to ensure everyone who needs to know about an incident is aware,” said White.

The command post’s ability to relay information across the world keeps the Air Force mission ready at all times.

“Command post is the central command and control focal point of a base, interconnected with other command posts, command centers, and specialized operation centers across the DoD to form an information network that allows civilian and military leaders at all levels to make informed decisions and receive critical information,” explained Tech. Sgt. James Davis, the NCO in charge of systems assigned to the 6th AMW Command Post.

To ensure they provide others with correct information, the 6th AMW Command Post tracks local aircraft, monitors flight missions, and processes nuclear-related, emergency action messages.

Each daily task completed helps keep the information flowing through the proper sources.

“In the command post, our operations tempo runs the gamut of providing command, control, communications, and information support throughout the full spectrum of operations during peacetime, emergency and disaster situations, crisis, contingency and war,” said Tech. Sgt. Jeff Roark, the NCO in charge of command post operations.               

The command post keeps our military and nation safe through its careful observations, and their ability to relay precise information to the proper sources.

“Command and control is a critical aspect to any military mission, no matter the size or scale. This is who we are; it's what we do,” said Davis. “When we become certified controllers, we have to meet with the wing commander and be signed off with their approval. We are their trusted agents; their eyes and ears for all information to flow through.”