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  • Fighting the fires of the future

    MacDill’s first-ever Future Firefighters Club of America, is a Youth Center program that could change a child’s life forever.After six months of planning, MacDill’s 6th Civil Engineer Squadron Fire Emergency Services Flight firefighters also joined the program to personally teach MacDill’s youth

  • Keep the fines at Bay

    MACDILL AIR FORCE BASE, FLA. – As Florida days begin to get longer and temperatures start to rise, it’s understandable how enticing being on the water can get.

  • Famous B-17 replica, Memphis Belle, comes back home to MacDill

    The flight line at MacDill Air Force Base, Florida, was much different than what it was during World War II, when aircraft flew constantly overseas to contest Nazi Germany. Some of those planes never returned to the U.S., but at approximately 10:30 a.m. March 13, 2018, MacDill welcomed back home,

  • EFMP assists more than 1,000 military families

    Navigating through the medical and educational system for any child can be difficult. The Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) at MacDill Air Force Base, Florida, makes it easier by offering a variety of services and resources for military families with children who have special needs.

  • New four-legged Airman leads SAPR program at MacDill

    Therapy can come in many different shapes, forms, and sizes. For some, attending counseling helps during troubling times. For others, meditation helps ease the mind. The Sexual Assault Prevention and Response team at MacDill Air Force Base, Florida, has implemented a new kind of therapy.

  • Command post: Providing vital information around the world

    Information is critical in making decisions on a daily basis; without trusted information leaders may not be able to make properly informed decisions and Airmen’s lives could be at risk. To prevent this, the Air Force relies on the Command Post.

  • MacDill PharmaCARE - busiest Air Force pharmacy

    The sound of pills hitting the bottom of orange bottles fills the room as Airmen quickly fill prescriptions. Customers stand in line waiting for their prescriptions and are greeted by smiling Airmen.The PharmaCARE center at MacDill Air Force Base, Florida prides itself with delivering fast and