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  • WWII West Point grad's perspective on terrorism, ISIL

    With the last surviving members of World War II averaging in their mid-nineties, I often wonder what thoughts these heroes may have about the evolution of war since the 1940s and the rise in terrorism.In the 70 years since WWII, America has fought in multiple wars and operations. It's safe to say

  • Serving: not only my duty, but also my privilege

    I am 37 years old and my biggest regret in life is that I didn't go to the White Stripes concert in Birmingham Alabama in 2008, and now they aren't touring together anymore. What does that say about me? Have I lived charmed life, or are my priorities way out of whack? I'll let others decide that but

  • Busy year at MacDill, but payoff is mission readiness

    What a busy first 13 months here at MacDill. This is the first time that I have written for the Thunderbolt since arriving in July of last year, and that we have not been making ardent preparations for some type of inspection. But as we all know, we do not prepare for inspections; we prepare for

  • MacDill Reservist attends annual congressional visit with wing commander

    It was an honor to not only be nominated, but also to be selected as the 927th Air Refueling Wing, Airman of the year for 2014! Never would I have guessed the opportunities that would come my way because of that.Each year, every wing commander is required to make a trip to Washington D.C., to visit

  • Reflecting on my purpose in life; it's never too late to restart

    Our Air Force stories are as unique as our fingerprints. For me, it started in 1996, I was 20 something years old, and knew I had to change my choices or I would end up exactly like everyone else. I feared I would get some college, but not complete it, get married, have 2.5 kids and never leave

  • Fitting in fitness

    Physical fitness has always been an integral part of military service, but in recent years, the Air Force has begun to focus on it even more. Passing a fitness test, also called the PT test, at least annually is a requirement for all Airmen. The consequences for failing PT tests can range from

  • Overcoming failures

    You will fail. The question is, how will you respond?This reminds me of a parable of the carrot, egg and coffee.A senior airman was distraught when he learned he did not make staff sergeant after his first time testing. His staff sergeant supervisor saw a teaching opportunity and the next day he

  • The "Lone Wolf" Threat

    In the news lately has been a lot of discussion about terrorist groups such as ISIS encouraging "Lone Wolves" to attack US military members in America. I take this threat seriously, because during my last assignment, ten people were killed because after making themselves easy targets through their

  • SAPR: More than an Air Force Acronym

    As an Airman and a senior leader in the Air Force Reserve, I've seen firsthand the devastating impacts of sexual assault on an Air Force organization. Regardless of your unit or military status, Active or Reserve, no one is immune to these impacts nor absolved of their responsibility to combat the