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  • Commander's Column

    Welcome to February in Florida. I spent the last three weeks in Virginia enduring the worst snow storms in 20 years. It is nice to be back. We thought there would be a little drop in activities for the 927 ARW after the deployments. That has not proven to be true. We have close to 100 people either

  • Gold Star Wives Honor Fallen Military Members and Families

    An annual event for homeless veterans in Tampa called "Standown" was held at Hyde Park United Methodist Church today.  Ms. Wendy Hellickson, from the James A. Haley Veteran's Hospital, is the Program Supervisor of Health Care for Homeless Veterans and was the lead event organizer for this years

  • Chief's Column

    Year of Readiness  The Wing's senior leadership has declared 2010 as the year of readiness. This means we are all trained, equipped and ready to take care of our nation's business.Within your squadron, leadership will outline the way ahead to ensure you are mission ready. Coupled with squadron