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  • MacDill Airmen pay respect to the red, white and blue

    As the American flag waves freely in the wind, the national anthem sounds cueing its lowering. Base-wide, Service members alike come to attention and present arms, while civilians place their hands over their hearts.As the anthem concludes, the Airmen assigned to their solemn duty unhook the flag

  • Superior performance leads to opportunity

    Lt. Col. Jeremy Harmon, deputy commander of the 6th Maintenance Group (MXG), recently received the 2015 Air Mobility Command (AMC) Aircraft Maintenance Field Grade Manager for his ability to align his team toward a common goal.The AMC Aircraft Maintenance Field Grade Manager is one of the various

  • It's that time of year season

    As we settle into the New Year, many Service members are keeping an eye on their mailboxes for tax forms and anticipating how they will spend their tax returns.Tax season kicked off Jan. 19, 2016, and it is important to gather all the documents required to successfully file taxes. There is a new

  • The true meaning of 'Service before Self'

    Being in the military requires sacrifice; one Air Force couple knows this all too well.Capt. Timothy Krystosek, a budget analyst assigned to U.S. Central Command at MacDill Air Force Base, Florida, and his wife, 1st Lt. Lauren Krystosek, a weapons and tactics analyst assigned to the 86th Fighter

  • MacDill reserve chaplain assistant receives life changing message

    The paths we choose in life are influenced by many factors, parents, teachers, friends, society and for one 927th Air Refueling Wing Airmen it was an explosive experience while downrange.The pathIn 2010, deployed as a pest control specialist to northern Iraq, mortar and rocket attacks became part of

  • Driving in a flood

    For the East Coast, the busiest time during hurricane season is between mid-August and mid-September. On August 1-3, 2015, Tampa Bay, Florida, experienced first-hand just how quickly a flood can develop during a rainstorm, forcing drivers to find alternate routes or ultimately abandoning their

  • MacDill Reservist commander gives back through softball

    "Swing batter batter, swing batter batter... strike-three, you're out!" yells the umpire at home plate. These are both common things to hear while at a competitive fast-pitch softball game. Although, at the Pro Fast Pitch X-Treme (PFX) field near Orlando, Florida, you can also expect to hear Col.

  • 75 years serving in the Tampa community

    With MacDill's 75th birthday approaching next spring, we take a look into MacDill Air Force Base, Florida's mission over the years and how it has been an integral part of the Tampa community for nearly 75 years.MacDill is named in honor of Col. Leslie MacDill, a pilot in the Army Air Corps who died

  • Citizen Airman lives in one big happy family

    Father, husband, manager and Airman. For most, any one of these tasks would be a lot for one person to handle.Imagine yourself with two-pairs of twins, one set 22-years old the other set 7-months. Now, picture a 14-year old daughter and a 3-year old son also. This is something Senior Airman Jeff