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  • Remember: Dial 211

    The Sexual Assault Response Coordinator at MacDill Air Force Base, Florida, is encouraging service members to be aware of the resources available to them in the community. "Crisis Center of Tampa Bay is a long standing partner for MacDill and provides valuable sexual assault crisis services for us,"

  • What do you know about MacDill?

    There are numerous interesting facts about MacDill Air Force Base, Florida that many people may be unaware of. Facts that help shed light on just how much this installation impacts the lives of its service members, retirees, civilians, dependents and ultimately the greater Tampa Bay community. Not

  • Much more than a gateway: Dale Mabry

    On an average day more than 20,000 people find their way through the gates of MacDill Air Force Base, Florida, the majority of whom arrive by one of the state's most famous roads--Dale Mabry Highway.Buried beneath the popularity of its modern day relevance, Dale Mabry Hwy. is much more than a road

  • Recycling Inspections: Lessons Learned

    A team of volunteers inspected the base in January to assess compliance with environmental regulations and policies. Recycling was a major focus of the effort as the base strived to improve performance in this area to meet an ambitious goal established by Executive Order 13154. MacDill currently

  • First Sergeant's Column

    When was the last time you opened up your Professional Military Education books and or reviewed Airman Responsibilities? Like most, is was probably when you were completing our PME Career Development Courses or while in-residence at one of the Airman, Noncommissioned Officers, or Senior

  • Command Chief's Column: Developing Air Force Leaders

    To better prepare Airmen for the future, the Air Force Reserve Command is working a plan to deliberately develop Air Force leaders. This involves Development Teams looking at your job experiences, combined with education and training opportunities.In late August, the AFRC held its first Chiefs

  • Chief's Column - A Fit Force

    In less than a month, July 1, the new fitness testing program will be in place. The composite score of 75 and the four components of the test remain the same (abdominal circumference measurement, timed 1.5 mile run, push-ups and sit-ups within one minute). Meeting minimum standards in each

  • Chief's Column - Family Readiness is Mission Readiness

    Family support is key to what we do, and because of that it is a focus area of our 2010 Strategic Plan. The goal is to ensure we have the right programs and services available to meet your needs and the needs of your family. Leadership at all levels of the Air Force realizes the significant role our

  • First Sergeant's Column

    Develop your Core Values with: PersistenceI know we have all read our core values and we try our hardest to obtain them but, to be quite honest its tuff and it feels like they are easier read than followed. As in life, how do we obtain our goals when life gets tough?  We have the will power but we


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