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  • New four-legged Airman leads SAPR program at MacDill

    Therapy can come in many different shapes, forms, and sizes. For some, attending counseling helps during troubling times. For others, meditation helps ease the mind. The Sexual Assault Prevention and Response team at MacDill Air Force Base, Florida, has implemented a new kind of therapy.

  • Emergency Management ensures Air Force maintains optimum readiness

    When planning for an emergency, coordination is important. These types of situations take many forms. Be it a hurricane or weapons system discovered nearby, each situation requires everyone affected to be equally prepared.The Air Force, as well as the Department of Defense, never hesitates at the

  • Gold Star Families – forever in the Air Force family

    Losing a loved one is difficult for any family to experience. That is why the U.S. military has programs in place to ensure that the families of fallen service members are cared for in their time of need. One of these programs is Gold Star Families.Gold Star Families exist for all branches of the

  • What is the Coalition Village?

    Tucked away inside a building at MacDill Air Force Base is a work center unlike any other in the Air Force that hosts senior officials from allied nations from around the world. While its name, the Coalition Coordination Center, is bolted on the outside walls, that doesn’t really answer the question

  • Command post: Providing vital information around the world

    Information is critical in making decisions on a daily basis; without trusted information leaders may not be able to make properly informed decisions and Airmen’s lives could be at risk. To prevent this, the Air Force relies on the Command Post.

  • MacDill legal provides helping hand while maintaining order

    An elderly couple walks into the door hand in hand; the man sporting a veteran’s cap gently worn from use. His years of service and her years of undivided support represented in their wrinkles. They are distressed; seeking a will and unsure what to do.

  • Team MacDill makes Operation Pumpkin safe for all

    This Halloween, children and parents in their best costumes will be going from house to house saying “Trick-or-treat” to receive loads of candy for Operation Pumpkin, Oct. 31, 2016, from 6-8 p.m., at MacDill Air Force Base, Florida.

  • Citizen Airman continues his family’s military aviation legacy

    The history of the KC-135 dates back to August of 1956 when the first Stratotanker took to the skies to meet the demands of the new jet engine powered fighters and bombers of the day.Sixty years later it remains the workhorse of the Air Force’s air refueling capability thanks to a proud lineage of